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His background training in medicine and psychiatry also included psychoanalysi

s and there are as a result strong psychodynamic roots in psychosynthesis.  In his doctoral thesis Assagioli gave a critique of Freud’s approach, claiming it was incomplete as it did not address the actualised elements of human nature and how to enable man to fully live his potential.  From early on he challenged the purely scientific and reductionist attitudes of the time, bringing to the forefront the possibility that man also has self actualising prospective which can be stimulated and developed.

He was influenced by numerous spiritual and philosophical traditions and folks, such as the Russian esotericist Ouspensky, the Sufi mystic Inhayat Khan,  Jung, Buber, the founder of logotherapy Viktor Frankl and Alice Bailey, with whom he was a close friend.  His concerns had been towards fragmentation and the possibility for synthesis at both an individual and collective level, including an interest in education and social troubles.  These spiritual and mystical influences mean that within psychosynthesis lies a deeply optimistic and structured method to not just individual development, but spiritual synthesis, personally and culturally, in which the individual finds a meaningful, purposeful and interconnected place within the whole.

stacey millichamp